Diagnosing Disease and Bringing Health

Although Paul’s words in Titus 1:5 “put what remains into order” look innocuous, they were in fact a diagnosis of deadly spiritual disease. What was a local virus in every Cretan church in the first century is today a world-wide epidemic. The churches then, as now, were crippled, broken, and lame.

But Titus 1:5 was not only diagnosis, it was a divine prescription. It leads the way to spiritual safety. Paul followed up his diagnosis of the disease with his apostolic cure: “appoint elders in every town.” Every church needed a plurality of godly leaders. Paul knew how to fix hurt and sick Christians in hurt and sick churches.

Without a plurality of godly men in the church, the sheep were always in danger. Some men wanted power, others wanted money. But God wanted elders shepherding each flock of precious Christians. Furthermore, these elders had to be appointed His way. When churches appoint elders like citizens appoint representatives, grave spiritual danger results. The Titus Mandate is God’s straightforward, no-nonsense treatment for Christian rescue and church health.

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