Thanks to all who contributed testimonies of God’s kindness—from the Ukraine, New Zealand, Germany, and the United States. Here’s a few of the testimonials you’ll read in the book…

I praise and thank the Lord that when He saved me at the age of forty, He also placed me in an elder-led church. Coming out of a world view where decisions are frequently made by committee, I wanted to be on the committee! But issues of God’s church should not be made a matter of opinion. Watching eldership at work, it didn’t take long to see the wisdom in having decisions, regarding my spiritual well being, be made by the unanimous agreement of godly men who have been given a desire to sacrificially guard and lead God’s flock. They are uniquely gifted to bear this burden and I thank the Lord for them.

— Cindy C., Faith Bible Church, Sharpsburg, GA

I am really glad that there are so many required qualifications for elders because they provide a solid basis for an exemplary life. The elders of our church try to present everyone perfect in Christ. I can witness of the privilege to have a discipleship with one elder of our church. He spends regularly time with me to answer my questions with God’s inspired word and helps me apply it to my life. I’m grateful for his wise counsel, his interest in my life and growth, his prayers for me, his guidance for my serving in the church. Certainly I’m not the only one they take care of: There are many members of our church, who seek their pastoral care. They visit many families, couples, singles and their house is always open for guests. They console, comfort, remind, exhort,… and for what reason? Because they love all the sheep of their church and want to tend the flock as the Lord commanded them.

I cannot imagine my church without them taking care and I praise the chief Shepherd, who provided His redeemed with elders, until He comes to get His bride!”

Thomas W., Bibelgemeinde Berlin, Germany

As I read the qualifications for Elders in 1 Timothy 3, I am thankful to God for the men He has set apart to shepherd those under their care at Riverbend Bible Church. They have a high view of God’s Word, are trustworthy and I respect them for the godly example each of them are. I have total confidence that our Elders are men of godly character and integrity and desire to serve God as He has called them to. It is a privilege and a blessing to be under their leadership.

—Ros B., Riverbend Bible Church, Hastings, New Zealand

Being in a church that is governed by a plurality of wise and godly elders has been a tremendous blessing and has brought me much needed comfort throughout my life. There is peace of mind, knowing that the pattern of leadership follows God’s design and therefore engenders confidence that the church is in the best position for God to bless. The elders of our church are a great source of comfort, wisdom, teaching, and prayer. I have seen firsthand how their loving care and guidance has been used to bring back straying sheep. God’s wise design works.

Brian S., Community Bible Church, Vallejo, CA