Rescued from a Dangerous Church

When Sheryl came to Christ in her 30s she also joined a church that seemed perfect. The preaching was expositional, the people were sincere, and the pastor was congenial. But while everything looked good on the outside the church ended up breaking her heart. It was actually a dangerous church because it relied on the world’s ways instead of God’s.

Like so many churches it split into pieces – tearing Sheryl’s heart into so many fragments as well. Young in the Lord and disconsolate, the Good Shepherd led her to a church where the Bible isn’t living by the world’s ways of decision-making, but one where only the right men are recognized by all as qualified shepherds. Who are such men? Their only goal is to see the lives of Christ’s dear sheep guided by Scripture.

Learn about Sheryl’s life and many others in the sidebar testimonials of The Titus Mandate. The Lord is the Good Shepherd who leads and provides for those who trust in Him.

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