Book Overview

The Titus Mandate is divided into four related parts:

Part 1 — Defining The Titus Mandate

We who love the Lord need a great church—a joyful place to be built up in our faith… a place where we are taught to apply our spiritual privileges in Christ. Why then have so many ended up disappointed, or worse, deeply hurt? It’s likely they didn’t know The Titus Mandate, the Apostle Paul’s simple plan from the New Testament book of Titus that rescues Christians from spiritual danger, and makes church the great place God intends it to be. If your church is out of step with The Titus Mandate, it may be in for a surprise, for it too needs some measure of spiritual rescue.

Part 2 — Embracing The Titus Mandate

Since obeying Scripture is easier said than done, The Titus Mandate provides specific instruction on how to live out God’s principles that make your church a safe place for Christians who desire to obey the Lord. Always provocative and always surprising, the New Testament provides several “living laboratories” of churches in crisis and the godly solutions provided by the apostles. Because spiritual danger comes to every church in unmarked packages, believers need the straight forward wisdom of The Titus Mandate in order to expose spiritual danger before it gains a foothold. You can follow Titus’s ministry and apply his principles that ensure spiritual safety for you, your family, and your church.

Part 3 — Defending The Titus Mandate

In addition to understanding church problems and their timeless biblical solutions, The Titus Mandate applies the New Testament’s no-nonsense counsel to today’s unsafe church practices. By engaging everybody—from skeptics to theologians—The Titus Mandate envelops the Church of Jesus Christ in the warm and safe sheepfold of good and godly shepherding.

Part 4 — Implementing The Titus Mandate

Just as Titus implemented Paul’s mandate for churches in the First Century, Christians today are taking up the call to see the church shepherded by godly and qualified leadership. The final section of The Titus Mandate provides the steps necessary for every church to adopt the apostolic practice of eldership.