How Does a Gospel Church Lose the Gospel?

Through violating God’s word on leadership. You see, when a gospel church makes leadership decisions using the world’s methods the sheep and the shepherds practice treating each other in a worldly way. Instead of preferring each other as more important than one’s self, church decisions are made by fleshly means, instead of in the manner of preference (Philippians 2:3-4). That can only go on so long before a gospel culture conflicts with the church’s worldly culture. After that, either the leaders must be replaced by qualified men, or the gospel goes. Almost always the leaders stay and the gospel goes. It only takes about one or two generations before a gospel church is a worldly church.

Furthermore, a great church marks its own obsolescence when it makes leadership positions a matter of popular vote and not biblical qualification. Leaders are relegated to consultancy not shepherding, because eventually their decisions are up for public review, possible censure, and removal from office. The kind of men who succeed well at popularity are rarely those who confront sin and error, and yet this is exactly what God requires from a leader.

The Titus Mandate relieves the stress of complying with the world’s methods and enables both sheep and shepherds to put into motion all the competency and power God’s Word grants them.

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