Book Endorsements

“How do you spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing and protect not only yourself, your family, but those around you?  Here is one awesome read on the subject!  I picked it up, and couldn’t put it down!   I was impressed at how easy it is to fall into “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality regarding the church and how God’s original plan is soo easy to follow.  Mr. Bigelow shows how to spot the wolves, choose the correct leaders, and rebuild the church the correct way.”

Heather H.


The Titus Mandate is a must-have, must-read, must-keep-on-the-shelf book. Ted takes his vast knowledge and applies it to an easily understandable format without “dumbing it down.” He transports us from biblical history to future how-to’s with one giant sweeping authorial arm without losing any of the details for those who desire to do church God’s way. This book is for anyone who wants to know about how church is built from the ground–up and led from the top–down, the correct, biblical way. This is not just your typical how-to book, but a series of chapters that leaves the genuine Christian with an urgency to follow the full counsel of God. Buy this if you’re a Christian, buy this for Christians you know. My church, Grace Church of Hartford, CT, is a living, organic testament that stamps, with resounding approval, the validity and authenticity of his book.”

Kim N.


“Thank you, Mr. Bigelow, for your excellent treatment of this highly important topic, and the amazing work you have done. This is a resource that should be made available to every member of every church, upon confession of faith, in order to help each person understand his or her function in the church, and how to come together, to raise up Godly and sincere men of scriptural integrity and compassion who will then govern and care for Christ’s sheep, as He intended.”

Joan D.


“Ted Bigelow’s The Titus Mandate is a must-read for any church member or leader. In a day when so many don’t like to apply the Bible to their lives and have a “take it or leave it” attitude about Biblical instruction, Bigelow’s book makes the reader evaluate their church leadership structure in the light of God’s word.”

This Pilgrim Land


“I also have been hurt by the church, so this book spoke to me personally. Ted Bigelow is correct in pointing us to the Titus Mandate, which was given by Paul to his adopted son Titus and to all the leaders and elders for all the churches from the past, present and future. It is the responsibility of the elders and deacons in the church to keep the scriptural word of God and the reality of the cross of Jesus Christ as the main point in having the church in the first place, with prayers and humility and understanding. Ted Bigelow has written on a subject so important to the overall health of any Church, and we should be well advised by his words. The mandate by God is very clear.”

Sherry L.


“I have been attending church all my life, have attended Bible College and throughout all this time, have learned a far amount about Church Leadership. I know what an effective, well-run church should and should not be, and have had both good and bad experiences in the various churches I have attended. That said, The Titus Mandate is a must read for all church attenders, and specifically for Church leadership.”

Shirley R.


I love it when a book makes me dig a little deeper into the scripture, and that’s exactly what this book did… I see both a Biblical foundation and the practicality of a plurality of elders to govern the affairs of a church, as long as these elders meet the qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. In fact, I couldn’t help but question why so many churches are led by committees when there is no scriptural foundation for that system of government in any scriptures I read.

Cathy B.


“This is a great book, and I highly recommend it. Not only to all pastors, but to every Christian, as well. The book touches, also, on how other members of the church (non-Elders) have given up their authority, and how they need to remember Whose and who they are.”



“If The Titus Mandate were Ted’s second book I would have declared, ‘Ted has done it again.’ Yet this is Bigelow’s first foray into assisting the universal church by imploring every local church to examine their methodology and then match it against the Bible’s theology. Buy this book for your Two-Term Elder Board, Deacon Board, Pastoral Oversight Board or Trustee Board, all with the ultimate purpose of getting rid of all power that stems from anything less than what Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3 plainly teach. One shudders to think of the misery caused by unbiblical polity. The good news is that The Titus Mandate can deliver the next generation of congregants from unauthorized church government unto the Lord’s gracious plurality of Christ’s under-shepherds. Ted offers a breath of fresh air to the oxygen deprived world of the American church. Inhale this biblical truth deeply, and as you exhale, thank the Lord for men like Dr. Bigelow.”

— Dr. Mike Abendroth, Senior Pastor, Bethlehem Bible Church, Massachusetts, USA
Jesus Christ, Prince of Preachers


“Excellent! Simple to understand,yet rich in theology. A must read for the Christian who seeks to obey & glorify the Lord in & with the local church. The Christian who applies The Titus Mandate (Titus 1:5) will reap benefits such as biblical unity, a secure safeguard against false teachings & more!”

Jona R.


“If the Church is the most important organization on earth (and it is), and if a local assembly will almost never rise above her leadership (and they rarely do), than all believers should be vitally interested in what Ted Bigelow has to say. The topic of elder rule is often misunderstood, misapplied, maligned, or ignored. Ted shines the floodlight of Scripture on this topic so that we might know what the Lord of the Church expects from those who aspire to the office of overseer. God has providentially prepared the author to expound this critical subject through: (1) the blessings of great examples, (2) the agonizing trials of biblically unqualified leaders, and (3) a prolonged season of intense study. I have known Ted for many years, and his teaching has blessed the seminary I serve at in Ukraine. Since I have observed him in a variety of settings, I can testify that he not only knows what he is talking about, but that as a pastor he has shown himself to be a true servant of Christ in the Body. Ted is above reproach and exudes the love of Christ, and I have seen that his family and church ministry provide ample proof that he has devoted himself to the principles he describes in this book. I should add also that Ted is a very gifted preacher and writer, which alone makes this book very much worth the time.”

— Brian J. Kinzel, Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature, Irpin Biblical Seminary (Ukraine); Church Planter, Word of Grace Church (Kiev, Ukraine)

“The modern church is bombarded with human ideas and ideals about how the church should be governed and operate. The Titus Mandate is a clear call to establish church leadership in accord with Scripture. I have had the blessing of serving as a pastor for 14 years alongside godly elders and can attest to the blessing that it is to follow the pattern established in the New Testament. This book will challenge your thinking and encourage your church to uphold God’s plan for the church, not human wisdom or latest fads but rather God’s best!”

— Don Stevenson, Pastor, Riverbend Bible Church, New Zealand
Senior Lecturer, The Shepherd’s Bible College

“What does the Apostle Paul have in view for the Church of Crete when he says, “set in order” (Titus 1:5)? Pastor Ted Bigelow has written a persuasive and passionate biblical apologia for the biblical role of an elder. Any pastor, deacon, or local church member seeking to understand eldership will, with the noble Bereans, be well to read the book carefully and examine the Scriptures “to see whether these things are true” (Acts 17:11) in order to improve their understanding about biblical church leadership. In addition to treating the Titus passage, the author explores implications many of which are where leadership issues often lie. I highly recommend this book to churches so that they can find out for themselves if leadership is their underlying problem. Chances are it is.”

— Dr. Dave Deuel, Director, TMAI, Missions Organization

“Dr. Bigelow has written a courageous and much needed book. It is courageous in that it reveals a common and serious menace in churches today – unbiblical leadership and operation. But, this book is not immature nor angry fault-finding. It is clear biblical reasoning and loving encouragement from a man who loves God’s people. It is needed because the issues that Titus was commanded to deal with are still affecting the church today. If understood and applied, The Titus Mandate will provide the biblical basis and courage that church members and leaders need in order to transform their churches into the biblical, caring and God honoring families they are intended to be.”

— Steve Plodinec, Professor, Christ Seminary, Polokwane, South Africa