Can You Know If Your Church Leaders Belong?

Yes you can! Jesus Christ wants you judging every leader in your church by His list He has written for you. When a man matches His 26 listed qualifications then you can be fully assured that he is a man whom Jesus wants leading you and your church. Only then is he trustworthy to be in leadership.

What is that “list-26?” Let’s start with a few:

Such leaders are 1) above reproach, 2) the husband of one wife, 3) having children who believe, 4) not self-willed, 5) not quick tempered, 6) not addicted to wine, 7) not pugnacious, 8 ) not fond of sordid gain.

That’s about one-third of the list – taken from Titus 1:6-7. And even here Christ covers the man’s sexuality, money, and family. God gets to the heart, and so should you.

If you don’t have men like that leading your church what should you do? Don’t flee. Read The Titus Mandate so you can help your church embrace Christ’s list.

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